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The schedule of lessons is flexible
It is very easy for students to choose the lessons they are interested in OES academy. Also, it is flexible if they have anything unexpectedly.
To take lessons in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka is possible
Students may choose where to take the lessons at their own convenience.
Different styles of lessons are provided

We provide both one-on-one lessons and group lessons (students of join would not be more than 6 people).

Amount of lessons for getting through with English interviews are provided
Students will get to have strong English communication skills which are very important for being a cabin attendant in a short period by following OES original method.
To be supported by OES until succeeded
We support our students in a very efficient way. They may contact teachers and advisers by calls or mails if they got any questions with no extra charges. The latest information would be provided even after they end up the courses.
To be recommended to airlines
Students may be recommended to several airlines such as Air Asia, Emirates, Alitalia, Malaysia Airlines, IAU, and China Southern Airlines if the requirements are met.